The traditional way lớn set ringtone on iPhone must use a computer with iTunes. But not everyone has a computer, which is inconvenient. Apple does that khổng lồ want you to spend more money khổng lồ buy ringtones on the iTunes Store. But don’t worry, through this article, you will know how to tải về and set ringtone on iPhone without iTunes and computer and Jailbreak.

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Why should you phối ringtone on iPhone?

Personalize your iPhone:iPhone is cheap now, so that anyone can own it.Do you feel confused every time you sit at a table with many iPhone users, and when the phone rings, everyone looks back and forth because they don’t know whose ringtone (usually, people often leave the default as the best version).So setting another iPhone ringtone will make you stand out from the crowd.Ringing ringtones are yours, not anyone else’s.Too great!

Express your mood:Each melody has its own emotion, happy – vibrant, quite – gentle.You lượt thích a tune that expresses your mood or taste in music every time the phone rings.Then choose the music you lượt thích best and start following the instructions right away.

Steps khổng lồ set ringtone on iPhone without iTunes & computer

Step 1:Download iPhone ringtones right on the device.

Step 2:Cut iPhone ringtone if necessary.

Step 3:set ringtone on iPhone using GarageBand.

Download iPhone ringtones right on your phone

Before setting the ringtone on iPhone, you need to tải về the music file.Now iPhone has tư vấn for file manager, & Safari has a download function, manage downloaded files.So very we have a lot of ways to download iPhone ringtones.Just choose the one that is right for you.

Download iPhone ringtones from YouTube

Step 1:Open YouTube tiện ích on iPhone and find the tuy nhiên you want to lớn make an iPhone ringtone.

Step 2:Click the tóm tắt button & select the Copy link.

Click the mô tả button and select Copy Link

Step 3:Open theY2matepageandpaste thecopiedYouTube linkinto the box to click the link.

Step 4:Choose320kbpsquality andthen clickDownload, wait for the page lớn load a bit, & clickDownload .mp3.

Choose 320kbps quality, then click Download, wait for the page lớn load a bit, và then click tải về .mp3

Step 5:A window appears asking if you want to tải về this file.You clickDownload.You can track the file tải về progress in Safari’s tải về icon.

You click Download

Download iPhone ringtones from ChiaSeNhac

Step 1:You mở cửa theChiaSeNhacpageandfind the songyou want to lớn make your iPhone ringtone.For example, I choose Astronomia and xuất hiện it.

Step 2:You clickthe download icon.

Step 3:You choose the quality320kbpsand then click theDownloadbutton.

You choose the quality 320kbps & then click the download button

Step 4:The browser will ask if you want to download the music file.You clickDownload.

You click Download

Download iPhone ringtones using the Document app

If Safari on your iPhone has not yet updated the file tải về feature, you can use the Document app to download ringtones.

Step 1:You go lớn the AppStore to download theDocumentsapplicationand then mở cửa it.

Step 2:You click onthe browser icon, then visit websites to tải về music as instructed above.

You click on the browser icon, then visit websites to tải về music as instructed above

Step 3:Goback to lớn the mainDocumentsscreen, openthe Downloads folder.

Step 4:Clickthe 3-dot iconon the downloaded music file and then selectShare.

You click the 3 dots icon on the downloaded music file and then select Share
Downloads, then click Save" class="wp-image-8291"/>You choose to Save lớn File, then select the iCloud Drive folder > Downloads, then click Save

Download iPhone ringtones using sync apps

In addition to the above ways, you can also use synchronous applications on computers và commonly used phones such as Google Drive, Zalo to send files.

For example, Zalo, after sending the audio file, opens it on your iPhone, then clicksthe nói qua buttonin the lower corner.

Open it on your iPhone, then click the share button in the bottom corner
Downloads, then click Save" class="wp-image-8293"/>You choose lớn Save khổng lồ File, then select the iCloud Drive folder > Downloads, then click Save

Cut iPhone ringtone if necessary

The iPhone ringtone time only allows up khổng lồ 29 seconds.So if you can’t find a suitable audio file, or you want to lớn cut a part that you like.Follow my instructions. It’s simple.

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Step 1:Download the applicationMp3 Cutter – Cut & merge musicon iPhone.

Step 2:Open iPhone ringtone cutter app and clickEdit Music,then choose iCloud.

Step 3:Select the music file you have downloaded, the manual window appears, then turn it off.

Step 4:You use 2 blue and red sliders to drag to lớn the position of the ringtone you want.But that way takes a bit of time, and I suggest you listen và find the start second for the ringtone you want, then enter the 2 boxes below, the second box, you địa chỉ cửa hàng 29 khổng lồ it.For example: cell one = 0, then cell two = 29, cell one = 25, then cell two = 54.

Step 5:Clickthe save iconto finish cutting iPhone ringtones.

Step 6:Youname theiPhone ringtone you just cut, then clickOK, then you continue lớn clickGo to my music.

You name the iPhone ringtone you just cut, then click OK, & then you continue to click Go lớn my music

Step 7:This is just the cut music; it’s not the ringtone format.You have khổng lồ clickthe options buttonand then clickCreate Ringtone.Then you click Go to Ringtones.

Step 8:You continue toclick the optionin the ringtone file, then selectShare.

Downloads, then click Save" class="wp-image-8298"/>You choose lớn Save lớn File, then select the iCloud Drive folder > Downloads, then click Save

Set ringtone on iPhone with GarageBand

Now is the step to lớn set ringtone on iPhone without iTunes and computer.It’s a bit difficult for you the first time, please read the steps carefully.

Step 1:You need to lớn downloadApple’s officialGarageBandapplicationon the AppStore.

Step 2:Open theGarageBandapptocreate a new song.You click onthe icon lượt thích the letter Oto showroom an audio file.

Step 3:You select theFile tababove, then clickBrowse items from the Files appbelow.Then you click theBrowsebuttonin the upper left corner.

You select the tệp tin tab above and then click Browse items from the Files ứng dụng below.Then you click the Browse button

Step 4: Justnow, where we saved và shared the ringtone file, mở cửa it there.You click oniCloud Drive, selectthe Downloads folder.

You click on iCloud Drive, select the download folder

Step 5:Click on the ringtone tệp tin you downloaded or cut.

Click on the ringtone file you downloaded or cut

Step 6:Notice, you need tohold down the ringtone file và then dragit up, thendrop and the first boxof GarageBand.

Long press the ringtone file and drag it up, then drop and the first box of GarageBand

Then, if it appears again where the ringtone file is selected, clickDone.

You click Done

Step 7:Stay focused.Youclick the Record button in turn and then the ringtone box.Click the soundbox quickly.

Step 8:Youwait for the ringtone box to rotate khổng lồ the last second, then click the Record boxto stop recording.

You wait for the ringtone box to rotate to the last second, then click the Record box lớn stop recording

Step 11:There is a notification of ringtone length, then clickContinue.Then youname the ringtoneand clickExport.

Click Continue.Then you name the ringtone & click Export

Step 12:After successful export, selectUse sound as…and then chooseStandard Ringtone.

You select Use sound as… and then choose Standard Ringtone

That’s it, the steps lớn set ringtone on iPhone without iTunes & computer are done with GarageBand.Go toSettings>Sound và Touch>Ringtoneto check.To delete, swipe to the left khổng lồ reveal the delete button.


It’s really hard the first time, guys.But once you’ve done it, it’s easy the next time.It isn’t easy khổng lồ set ringtone on iPhone with GarageBand.So we have an iPhone ringtone lượt thích that without iTunes và computer.If you find the article good, have you done it or not, please leave a comment below for me khổng lồ discuss.