Windows 10 is the latest (and last) version of Windows. In this comprehensive guide, you will find genuine hàng hóa keys you can use lớn activate your Windows 10. You will also find simple steps on how khổng lồ activate the operating system using a Windows 10 sản phẩm key, SLUI, và windows activator.

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To buy a digital license, click the Go khổng lồ Store option. This should give you access to lớn the Windows Store, where you will be able lớn select the Windows 10 version running on your PC. Và after purchasing the license, your Windows 10 will unlock.

Changing the activation key lớn a genuine key should get rid of those annoying prompts.

Follow these steps khổng lồ confirm if the Windows copy has activated successfully: Settings > Update & Security > Activation. Check the activation status.

How lớn change a Windows 10 hàng hóa key using SLUI

You can change the hàng hóa key in the registry anytime you wish. Here are the steps you need khổng lồ follow:

Step 1: Press the Windows key + R on your keyboard to open Run

Step 2: Type SLUI & click OK

Step 3: Enter a valid Windows 10 hàng hóa key and click next

Windows will unlock the verification process automatically on Microsoft servers is complete. So, you must vị this while connected khổng lồ the internet.

How to lớn upgrade from Windows 7 or 8 to lớn Windows 10

If your computer is running an activated version of Windows 7, 8, or 8.1, you can upgrade to Windows 10 for free. Here are the steps you need to lớn follow:

Step 1: Visit the Microsoft website

Step 2: Use the tìm kiếm tool on the website to search for the Windows 10 upgrade

Step 4: You’ll navigate khổng lồ a page with several versions of Windows 10

Step 5: Choose the version you want to lớn install and click the tăng cấp options

Step 6: The download will start và install automatically in the background

If you don’t have an activated version of the previous Windows, you can tải về Windows 10 ISO. Then activate the Windows 10 OS using the products keys on this page. You can also use a sản phẩm key find khổng lồ fetch your sản phẩm key. But this method only works if you had a genuine sản phẩm key.

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Activation keys for Windows 10 Pro




Windows 10 home product keys



How to activate Windows 10 without a product key

It’s also possible to activate Windows 10 without a sản phẩm key. This method involves using a Windows activator. Here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Visit the KMSPico official trang web to download the tool

Step 2: Use the provided installer lớn install it

Step 3: Run the .exe from the installation directory

Step 4: Click the red switch button

Step 5: Give it some time for the activation process to complete

After following these steps, you will be able to lớn activate your copy of Windows 10 successfully. You will no longer have to giảm giá with the nagging prompts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Product ID vs. Sản phẩm Key

Many people don’t know the difference between a hàng hóa ID & a hàng hóa key. A hàng hóa ID identifies the version of Windows your computer is running. A sản phẩm key is the 25-digit character key used lớn activate Windows.

If you have already installed Windows 10 & you don’t have a sản phẩm key, you can buy a digital license lớn activate your Windows version.

Upgrade vs. Clean installation

Another common question people ask is whether they should perform a clean installation or upgrade Windows 10. If you have a custom PC and you want to lớn install Windows 10 from scratch, you will need to lớn format the hard drive first.

Here are the advantages of performing a clean installation:

You can start fresh without any pre-installed trial programsGives you total control over the apps you need on your PCReduces the possibility of errors and other related issues

If you have updated lớn Windows 10 from an activated version of Windows 7 or 8, you will not need an activation key. That’s because there is a connection between the Windows license & the hardware you used while updating Windows. So, the nâng cấp will go through without providing a sản phẩm key.

If you want lớn install Windows 10 on the same computer, you will not need:

To tải về the tiện ích ios fileTo use DVD truyền thông or USB driveTo install from scratch by running the setup

When installing the Windows 10 phối up, you simply need lớn skip the step that asks you to lớn provide the activation key. When the installation process is complete, Windows 10 will activate automatically when you connect the computer to the internet. That’s because Microsoft recognizes that you have performed the clean installation process on the same machine.